Short Stories

Unloaded 2

The Box


The room is a ten-foot-by-thirteen-foot box of glazed brick. Electrical conduits end in four-outlet boxes on three of the walls. Secured to the floor four feet from a long wall is a standard gunmetal gray government-issue table, a D-ring bolted to one edge. Three straight-backed chairs face the table’s longer edges, two on one side and one between the table and the near wall. A video camera nestles in a high corner. A small microphone hangs close to the ceiling. A four-foot-by-six-foot two-way mirror in the wall facing the single chair provides a view from the observation room.

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Unloaded 2

Do What He Says

In Unloaded 2

edited by Eric Beetner

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Sonny Ng doesn’t look like much but he’s as badass as they come. He’s more than equipped to face down a much feared Chicago South Side hard case holding a knife to a girl’s throat. No gun required.

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Black Car Business

Look Away

In The Black Car Business

edited by Lawrence Kelter

Penns River has enough trouble of its own without people bringing it in from out of state. When the Dixie Mafia shows up to make trouble for a couple of locals originally from the hills the Penns River cops are willing to provide their own deterrent.

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Shamus Sampler

Zero Tolerance

In The Shamus Sampler 2

edited by Jochem Vandersteen

Chicago PI Nick Forte knows he can’t take care of everything that comes along but would prefer to delay that knowledge as long as possible for his daughter. When Caroline tells him of a friend who’s getting the short end of the stick, Nick just can’t leave well enough alone.

Blood, Guts and Whiskey

Green Gables

In Blood, Guts, and Whiskey

edited by Todd Robinson

Harvey Hastert is a hustler from jump. Made a small fortune in the black market siphon supplies from Patton’s Third Army in its race across Europe and is looking for action now that he’s home. Stella Postelwaithe might be just what he’s looking for. And Harvey might be exactly what Stella needs.

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