About Dana

Dana King was born in New Kensington PA; the building is no longer a hospital. He spent the first four years of his life living in an apartment in Arnold PA; that building has since burned to the ground and is now a vacant lot. Dana grew up in Lower Burrell PA, which is still there, though everyone is nervous when he comes to visit. His first memory that can be attached to a time and place is driving up the hill to the new house on October 13, 1960, as Bill Mazeroski hit the home run that won the World Series.

A classically-trained musician, Dana holds a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania (no, not the other one), and a Master’s in Trumpet Performance from New England Conservatory, where he studied with Charles Schlueter of the Boston Symphony. His musical “career” ended with the birth of The Sole Heir, when the need for an honest to God source of income became more than an abstract concept.

Dana has worked as a potato peeler in his aunt’s restaurant (no longer in business), a clerk for A&P (also no longer around; a pattern is developing), a private and public school teacher, free-lance musician and teacher, security guard, warehouse laborer and forklift operator, office manager, computer network administrator, pre-sales software technical consultant, and training officer for a government agency that would really rather he not mention their name. (It’s not like the CIA or NSA. They’d just rather people didn’t know he worked there.)

The Penns River and Nick Forte series of novels are his responsibility, as well as the standalone Wild Bill and several short stories. He has twice been nominated for a Private Eye Writers of America Shamus Award, in 2014 for Best Independently Published Novel (A Small Sacrifice); and in 2016 for Best Paperback Original (The Man in the Window). His short fiction has appeared in Thuglit (the original incarnation, when they gave contributors those bitchin’ T-shirts), the late, lamented Spinetingler Magazine, New Mystery Reader, A Twist of Noir, Mysterical-E, and Powder Burn Flash as well as the anthology Blood, Guts, and Whiskey, edited by Big Daddy Thug himself, Todd Robinson.

Dana’s greatest contribution to the world is his choice to live in quiet near-seclusion with The Beloved Spouse™. The Sole Heir is a medical student at the Frank H. Netter School of Medicine (we’re all very proud of her) and is married to a fine young man whose employer I guarantee would prefer to be left out of this. We’re keen on him, too.

Dana King