About Dana

Hi. I’m Dana King, and this is my writing biography. Most web sites use third person for the bios, but that strikes me as pretentious, and I’m way too old for pretention.

I am the author of eight novels in the Penns River series of police procedurals, six Nick Forte private investigator novels, and one standalone crime novel. Two of the Forte books received Shamus Award nominations from the Private Eye Writers of America (A Small Sacrifice for Best First PI Novel and The Man in the Window for Best Paperback Original). As of July 2023 I am working on a Western, with another Forte book primed for release.

My short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and web sites. Anthologies include The Eviction of Hope, The Black Car Business, Unloaded 2, Down to the River, Shamus Sampler 2, Dark Yonder, and Blood, Guts, and Whiskey. Web sites and periodicals include Thuglit, Dark Yonder, Mystery Tribune, Spinetingler, Mysterical-E, Shotgun Honey, Powder Burn Flash, and others.

I am a regular reader at Noir at the Bar events, and host the annual N@B at the Creatures, Crimes, and Creativity conference in Columbia, Maryland. I attend several conferences each year and am a frequent panelist or moderator.

The writers I make a point of reading no less than once a year include Lawrence Block, Ken Bruen, James D.F. Hannah, George V. Higgins, Joe Lansdale, Elmore Leonard, Ed McBain, J.D. Rhoades, Joseph Wambaugh, Donald Westlake, Don Winslow, and Frank Zafiro. That should give you a pretty good idea of my taste in books.

Movies I own so I can re-watch them regularly include Animal House, Appaloosa, The French Connection, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Hell or High Water, Hombre, LA Confidential, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Open Range, and Tombstone.

TV series I can binge at any time include Band of Brothers, Deadwood, Justified, Lonesome Dove, Peaky Blinders, River, The Shield, The Sopranos, and The Wire.

If you come across me at a conference or event, please introduce yourself. I have issues with macular degeneration and cannot always recognize faces or read name tags right away, and I’d hate to miss a chance to chat. (Public Service Announcement: Macular degeneration is hereditary. If anyone in your family has it, get yourself to an ophthalmologist right away. Even if you don’t have it, a baseline picture of your macula is essential for comparison purposes and a possible quick diagnosis.)

My greatest contribution to society is The Sole Heir, now working as a primary care physician for the VA. Her husband, The Sole Son-in-Law, flies Search and Rescue helicopters for the Coast Guard. I could not be prouder of either of them.

The Beloved Spouse™ and I still reside in splendid isolation in an undisclosed location in Maryland. Both of us are retired from our day jobs and loving it.

If there is anything else about me you need or want to know, drop me an email from the Contact page here on the web site. Unless you think I owe you money or are one of my ex-wives. Then this is not the droid you are looking for.

Dana King