The Hotel California of the Rust Belt: You Can Check Out, But You Can Never Leave Penns River
© Dana King 2015
Penns River rarely sees two homicides in a year. Two in little over a week is almost too much for the police force to handle. The assigned detectives—Ben Dougherty, a former MP and Penns River native, and retired Pittsburgh cop Willie Grabek—find links to bind the two cases, but their investigation is complicated by the involvement of private investigator Daniel Rollison, a retired spy on a suspect’s payroll who is really working for himself. Pittsburgh mob boss Mike Mannarino also lives in Penns River and has more than a passing interest in the case. The two cops’ savvy competes with the limitations of their small town’s resources and the interference of Rollison and Mannarino in a story that shows identifying a killer and proving it are separate things.  
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Penns River hopes for a Lazarus-like economic resurrection when the Allegheny Casino is built in an abandoned strip mall. What the town gets more closely resembles Frankenstein’s monster. The casino owner wants a cash cow, his partner is laundering money, and Russian mobsters connected to the silent partner want to push what’s left of the Pittsburgh mob out of the picture altogether. This is more than the town is equipped to handle, though it is not without resources of its own, notably two native sons—police detective Ben “Doc” Dougherty, and his cousin, Chicago private investigator Nick Forte—who refuse to allow Penns River to become collateral damage.
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Penns River
Penns River