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Interviews Bad Citizen Corporation (November 30, 2015); discussing The Man in the Window and life in general) The Blog Cabin (December 14, 2014; discussing The Stuff That Dreams are Made of, among other things) Omni Mystery News (August 19, 2014; discussing A Small Sacrifice) Do Some Damage (July 23, 2014: discussing A Small Sacrifice) Omni Mystery News (December 18, 2013: discussing Grind Joint) Ed Gorman’s blog (October 8, 2013: discussing Grind Joint) A Short, Sharp Interview with Paul Brazill (July 30, 2013; discussing A Small Sacrifice) Meanderings and Musings (With Tim Hallinan and Pat Browning, January 14, 2012) Temporary Knucksline (September 5, 2011; discussing Wild Bill) Articles and Guest Posts Review of short story “Hanami” by S.J. Rozan, from the Hanzai Japan anthology (Spinetingler Magazine, November 19, 2015) On the PI Story (Do Some Damage blog, December 23, 2014) Why a Private Eye? (Life of a Writing Publisher blog, December 20, 2014) Thoughts on the place of humor in crime fiction. (Omni Mystery News, August 26, 2014) How I Came to Write This Book. (Pattinase blog, November 18, 2013) Chandler’s Heroes (Spinetingler, October 17, 2013) PI Movies (Paul Brazill blog, August 13, 2013) How I Became a Published Author (Pattinase blog, August 5, 2013)
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