Chicago PI Nick Forte
© Dana King 2015
Detective Nick Forte is not impressed when Shirley Mitchell asks him to clear her son’s name for a murder everyone is sure he committed. Persuaded to at least look around, Forte soon encounters a dead body, as well as the distinct possibility the next murder he’s involved with will be his own. Clearing Doug Mitchell’s name quickly becomes far less important to Forte than keeping references to himself in the present tense. Nominated for a Shamus Award for Best Indie PI Novel.
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Russell Arbuthnot isn’t just a ham, he’s the whole pig. Detective Nick Forte figures—along with everyone else—the bodyguard assignment he’s picked up is a publicity stunt for Arbuthnot’s one-man show, to perk up flagging ticket sales. When the actor turns up dead after all, Forte is faced with the kind of publicity he can do without and decides, when a bodyguard’s client is killed, he's supposed to do something about it. It doesn't make any difference what he thought of him. He was your client and you're supposed to do something about it.
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Nick Forte
Click to Buy The Man in the Window Nick Forte doesnít want Marshall Burtonís case. Forte hates divorce  work and doesnít care much for Burton, either. Still, he has bills to  pay, and still has them when Burton is shot dead, apparently the  innocent bystander of a drive-by. Or not. An eccentric and  mysterious friend of Burtonís thinks the wife had him killed and  hires Forte to find out. Forteís investigation leads him back toward  his musical roots, where an old friend keeps him connected,  eventually leading to a plot involving both terrorists and acclaimed  musicians, and Forte suffers a loss greater than heís known before. Nominated for a Shamus Award as Best Paperback Original
Chicago Private Investigator Nick Forte’s official task is to find out what he can about Jennifer Vandenbusch’s new suitor, who fails to measure up in the eyes of the family matriarch, Jennifer’s grandmother. This seems par for the course for Forte, as his personal life has been leading him through a series of men who treat women badly, though none nearly as badly as the Thursday Night Slasher. Forte lives on the fringes of the investigation run by his old friend Sonny Ng until elements of Forte’s case and life dovetail with the Slasher investigation, leading to Forte discovering more about the crimes—and himself—than he wanted to know.
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